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Across the world

MentorBase is a company powered by We Empower Innovators.

Across 13+ countries around the world we are actively mentoring startups with our handpicked and trained mentors.

Global Insights

Identifying patterns worldwide provides bespoke insights about how to match a specific stage of an entrepreneur/startup to the effective skill-sets of a mentor.

Our mentors have proven to help entrepreneurs reach their learning curve faster. Whether recovering from failure or building on success, you can do so in a more guided way.


Tailor-made Match

If you’re in need of the right mentor for your business, we deliver a structured approach for promising startups and corporate teams.


Innoleaps is created by the founders of Startupbootcamp (the largest startup accelerator outside the US) and is a proud part of the We Empower Innovators family. This proximity to startups enables us to teach cutting edge development practices.

Fill your information and let us match your company with the best mentors!

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